Nooka Watches..

Nooka watches will give your wrist a futuristic look! These timepieces present a instinctive way to tell time. Nooka is the brain child of artist and designer Matthew Waldamn. "Nooka" is a contraction of "New Yorker" with a traditional NYC accent. It reflects the creators love for his hometown... There are unisex designs and some are read vertically. The time is expressed from left to right: HOURS 1-6 HOURS 7-12 MINUTES 1-59 SECONDS are shown in a small window on the right above the day...confusing!? stylish and different nonetheless.... The prices range from $130(rubber) to about $300(for some leather or silver ones)
Nooka offers several choices for style and color- camo, rubber, leather, or metal. 

They can be purchased at Nooka

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