Today I came across a Deli of Desserts called Smush. 
 Forget any ice cream sandwich you have every had, they will not compare to what goes on at Smush! There is a selection of pre-designed sandwiches or you can be creative and make your own. There are sooo many options to choose from.  Red Velvet, French Toast, Chocolate Chip etc..etc..etc

I recommend splitting one unless you're hungry and have a major sweet tooth!

Located across from Bryant Park  28 W 40th Street 



 The name says it all, it has become one of my favorite websites to visit for everything health and fitness related. I am a part of the social media marketing team at this really cool company.
These past months I have gained a huge interest in yoga, eating more healthy and different skin care products. This site is my one stop shop for all of those things and more. 

Check out the commercial :) 


Tech Crunch has named the company the to yoga!

Sign up and follow the twitter and facebook page! 


Simply Intricate Fall/Winter 2012

I am loving the Simply Intricate Fall/Winter 2012 collection!
Each piece is definitely a show stopper, what I love most about the collection is that the colors are basic, but the gold and the leather adds so much character to each piece. Not to mention the fit! Everyone I've seen in the items has looked absolutely amazing!

I recently had a photo shoot and I wore the Goddess in Red dress, it fits very well, hugs every curve! Definitely a dress that will make people look twice. 

                                   To view the whole collection visit