Colorful Skinny Jeans...

If you have been looking for colorful skinny jeans, that are affordable, Guess "brittney" jeans are here to save the day.

                                                             Retails at $98 and fit great! Must have!

                                                                        cute fit!

you can purchase at bloomingdales

Chyc YSL belt bag

I've been saying that I wanted a really cool fanny pack and came across this Yves Saint Laurent belt bag.

                   Luvs it because you can dress it up or wear with jeans and flats and still be very stylish.

Retails at $690



Latest video from the Dream off his 1977 mixtape.
Starring a good friend of mine Sophia Marie....

loves it...

Shop Style...

One of my favorite Iphone apps!

                        This is a must have application on the Iphone..One stop shopping for everything!!

Balenciaga Smart Phone Pouch...

Loving this Balenciaga smart phone case.
Retails at $275

First Interview...

I'm sharing with you guys one of my very first interviews as a vj on VideoCity!

Nerve racking experience, but Par City was nice enough to bear with me.

Stay tuned and watch as I grow into a pro at this lol.