Peapods Cookies has been my favorite go to website for one of a kind pieces. I stumbled upon a page called Peadpods with some incredible creative cookies. The Celine bag shaped cookies really caught my eye and I thought instantly these would make a perfect birthday gift.

The owner Kristie is amazing, my order was very last minute and she was booked the whole month, but still accomodated me with my next day order. The cookies are wrapped individually and placed in a very cute box. Everyone loved my gift idea.

Please visit Peapodscookies to view more cookie ideas and like them on


Juice and Grits Closet

So my friend and I decided to get rid of a few items that are taking up space in our closet. There is a possibility we will never wear these things again. We came up with a online shop with a few great pieces for really low prices.Here you will find authentic designer resale clothing and accessories. Offers and requests accepted. For a limited time only. Shop from September 2012 to November 2012 

Click the link to view these items Juice & Grits closet :)