Thompson Ferrier

I had the honor of meeting and working with the owners of this exquisite candle line called Thompson Ferrier. A true life love story of the two owners, that began at a restaurant called Ferrier on the Upper East Side in New York City and their first date was at a bar on Thompson Street in Soho, New York.  Hence the name Thompson Ferrier!! How cute :)

The lovely candles are available in 10 unique fragrant blends including unscented. The wax is a soy blend, with fragrant oils of the purest quality. Each candle has a 45-75 hour burn time.
My favorites are the Gardenia, Pomegrante and Tabac Rose.  The candles are so chic and elegantly packaged all done here in the USA. The large one goes for $58 and the small goes for $17. I highly recommend everyone having one of these candles in their home or purchasing for someone as a gift.
Small tin candle

Leather traveling case 

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