Happy New Year!!!

I spent my last days of 2009 and the start of 2010 in Brazil. It was an amazing experience!! The New Year's celebration in Brazil reflects it's culture and tradition. On New Year's day, it's a tradition to wear white and consume lentils and rice. It is believed to bring in prosperity and good fortune in the coming year. I hope 2010 brings all of you happiness and success. Remember to LIVE and LOVE life because really what more is there. :)


End the Year with a Bang!

Attending a New Years Eve Party? Here are a few dresses that will definitely turn heads!!!

Hervé Léger Metallic bandage dressCatherine Malandrino Silk-chiffon mini dress


My Hunter & Jimmy Choo rain boots are exclusive!!!!!! Not exactly, these are suppose to be black! I ordered them back in July...they where black for about two days then they turned into this! I've tried wiping them off with a damp cloth and it just goes back to this look. I'm actually starting to dig the look. I went to the Jimmy Choo store and was told to try Armor All wipes. If your having this condensation problem with your rainboots theres your answer.


Shoe this cold weather away!

Frigid weather and snow is what NYC is all about this week and all that I can think about is sliding my feet into some new shoes!!! Preferably a sandal! I am a summer baby and winter is definitely not a favorite season of mine. Here are a few shoes I came across, while searching the web to get a jump start on my spring shoe shopping. I am loving the Bianca slingback yellow platform Christian Louboutins!

Hello :)

I would like to start by introducing myself. My name is Jeri J. from NYC and I decided to create this blog to share my thoughts on fashion, beauty products, dining and traveling. These are all things that I absolutely love!!! I try to keep myself abreast of all the latest trends and I will keep you guys up to date with it all! Please feel free to leave me comments or questions I would love to hear from all of you! :)