Polo Bar...

After making reservations a month ago, I finally made it to the infamous Polo Bar.
The decor here is very Ralph Lauren-y, with all leather, paintings of horses,plaid and wood. 
When I arrived, before I even entered the door there is a gentleman there that greets you and checks your name on a list. I sat at the chic cozy bar area until my other guest arrived.

Fried olives, nuts and garlic chips are brought out to you with your drink as you wait for your table. Really tasty. Once the table is ready the hostess came and escorted us downstairs to our table.
I'm excited to dine here again, the customer service was great! I ordered the pigs in a blanket and the roasted chicken with mash potatoes. Great food!!!!

Cool Scene....

Finally had a chance to stop by Vandal. Everything from the decor to the music to the food was  amazing!The entrance of the restaurant is inside a beautiful flower shop. There are so many rooms all wonderfully decorated, brightly painted walls and high ceilings.

Overall, I had a great experience, the art is what really made me fall in love. I'm a fan of street art and the interior is stunning. Pieces from OBEY, Apexer, Tristan Eaton,Eelus, Vhils and Will Barras. In other words the restaurant is a great spot for your next instagram photo lol.
The restaurant is tapas style dining. Just like the other Chris Stanos restaurants( Stanton Social and Beauty &Essex) I had the seabass tacos. 


Downstairs is the lounge area, the hostess invited us down and gave us a complimentary bottle of Prosecco.  This place did right by me and I cant wait to go back :)


My lovely jacket is by Alice and Olivia, boots by Giuseppe