Salon Effects....

Lately I just have not been having anytime to go and get a manicure.
Sally Hansen to the rescue.... I am in love with the Sally Hansen Salon Effects. Similar to Minx, but can be found in your local drugstore for about 9 bucks.

Penelope and Coco...

Kourtney Kardashian is wearing a really cute ankle bootie by Penelope and Coco.
 Prints are very big this fall and you would  definitely make a statement in these!

Purchase here ----> Penelope and Coco

DIY Dolce & Gabbana pasta earrings...

Saw this on HonestlyWTF and decided to share.
How cool are these earrings, you can make yourself.

You’ll need:

several pieces of bow-tie (farfalla) pasta

a pair of flat earring posts or earwires

2 1.5″ eye pins

14-16 brass charms

a few black beads

10 jump rings

2 pliers

a drill

a 5/64″ drill bit


Click -----> More steps on how to make!

Smooth Magazine 10th year Anniversary party.....

My first time interviewing at a red carpet event, with some of the hot ladies that have been featured in Smooth Magazine.
Lots of fun, looking forward to doing many more.
 More great interviews to come, but for now check out my interview with Jen Skye , Jeremy/Mrfstop ,India Baby and Lazarus "The MakeUp Man"